All in a Year's Work: Roll over (or tap) photos

1,022 nonprofits received free legal assistance

9 out of 10 clients rated legal assistance received as “Good” or “Excellent”

1,488 volunteer attorneys provided expert legal assistance at no cost

43,181 hours of legal assistance provided

1,438 Legal Resource Helpline calls were answered

2,222 legal matters were addressed

$23 million in legal services were provided at no cost

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Nonprofits value Pro Bono Partnership’s services! In our 2022 Annual Impact Survey, clients agreed that the Partnership positively impacted their work:


Pro Bono Partnership’s
legal services overall


Better understand and comply with the law


Incorporate better governance or management practices


Avoid mistakes


Better understand when it might be helpful to consult an attorney
  • 100% of volunteers reported feeling satisfied because they helped a good cause
  • Since its founding, Pro Bono Partnership has consistently promoted best practices and accountability within the nonprofit sector. With our help, nonprofits can avoid crises, risks, and costly mistakes that might hamper their ability to serve their clients effectively.


    “Pro Bono Partnership helped us obtain our 501 (c) 3 status and register with the state and federal governments, something we had been hoping to do for years, but lacked the legal capacity to do so. Directly due to donations being tax deductible, a donor made the largest contribution to our small organization at the end of the year. A photographer donated professional services to photograph some of the art we use to raise funds. We are still learning about all the ways being a 501 (c) 3 organization is changing our possibilities. It has given our organization more respect from clients, agencies, and other nonprofit organizations. We are able to pursue grants and other fundraising opportunities that were beyond our reach before. There is no limit to the gratitude we have for the Pro Bono Partnership.”

     — Laura Ramos, President, Everyone for Accessible Community Housing Rolls! Inc.